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Which Pallet Racking System is Right for You?

April 26th, 2021  | 
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There are many different warehouse storage systems, and almost all of them use pallet racking in one way or another. Pallet racking is a set of upright frames and beams to keep products safely stored in boxes or pallets. There are five common types of pallet racking. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each one.  

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racking  

Drive-In/Drive-Thru pallet racking systems allow forklift operators to deliver and retrieve product from only one side, otherwise known as Last-In-First-Out (LIFO), or deliver the product on one side and retrieve from the other, known as First-In-First-Out (FIFO).   

 Advantages of Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racking:  

  • Simple set up  
  • Efficient   

Disadvantages of Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racking:  

  • No easy access to internal pallets  
  • It cannot be easily modified to accommodate larger or smaller pallets  
  • A challenging operating environment for forklift drivers  

Selective Pallet Racking  

Selective pallet racking systems feature either single or double deep racking.   

Advantages of single deep pallet racking:  

  • Flexible and low cost  
  • Accessible from every angle  
  • Great for companies with many SKUs  

Disadvantages of single deep pallet racking:  

  • Poor space utilization  
  • Need forklifts to access vertical storage   

Double deep racking is for companies that value storage density over access.   

Advantages of double deep pallet racking:  

  • Comparable in cost to single deep racking  
  • Better space utilization  

Disadvantages of double deep pallet racking:  

  • Requires additional labor to access pallets trapped in the middle  
  • Requires forklifts with double deep attachments  

Pallet Flow Racking   

Pallet Flow Racking uses a rail or conveyor system to store pallets 20 or more deep. The typical configuration feeds pallets in one end and retrieves pallets from the other.   

Advantage of pallet flow racking:  

  • Provides the density of FIFO storage usually only possible with drive-thru systems, without the challenges of driving into the rack system   

Disadvantages of pallet flow racking:   

  • More expensive than single deep or drive-thru racking systems  
  • Requires quality pallets to prevent product damage  

Pushback Pallet Racking 

Pushback Pallet Racking uses carts installed in the racks to provide high storage density. This type of system can store pallets up to six deep.   


  • Provides deep storage for medium turnover products   


  • More expensive than other warehouse storage systems   

Cantilever Pallet Racking 

Cantilever Pallet Racking is a custom racking system explicitly designed for the products they support. This system is for furniture, lumber companies, and other facilities with large, cumbersome products.   


  • Custom built for your specific needs  


  • Most expensive option  

Changing your warehouse storage or pallet racking system requires forethought and planning. Let our team of experienced material handling experts design the proper warehouse storage and distribution system for your unique needs.     

Want more information about optimizing your warehouse with Toyota? Contact us for a free consultation!     

Move, Carry or Tow – Your Choice, Part II

April 8th, 2021  | 
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As we mentioned in Move, Carry or Tow – Your Choice, Part I, electric utility vehicles are considered vital equipment in many industries. However, with so many choices, getting the right utility vehicle with the right features is vital.    

Columbia manufacturers an expansive line of environmentally friendly, all-electric utility vehicles to ensure every customer gets exactly what they need. Today’s blog post features Columbia’s StockchaserCustom Platform, Utilitruck, and Journeyman.   

The Stockchaser

Columbia’s Stockchaser is excellent for companies that need to transport heavy loads in narrow spaces. It features a stand-up operation to provide a safe and comfortable position for the driver, a standard dual tire front fork, and an optional up-fit package to increase the Stockchaser’s towing capacity to 6,000 pounds. 

The StockChaser is perfect for manufacturing, warehouses, towing, distribution centers, and many more applications. 

The Custom Platform

The innovative Columbia Custom Platform is the perfect choice for companies that need a vehicle configured to their specific needs and applications. It features selection of several axles and battery and drive configurations and is customizable in hundreds of different ways to fit your unique carrying and towing needs.  

This model is perfect for manufacturing, maintenance, airports, distribution centers, government facilitiescolleges/universities, and any company that needs a custom solution 

The Utilitruck

Columbia’s Utilitruck is great for companies who need an indoor/outdoor, efficient, clean, and noiseless solution. It can move up to four passengers at a time while carrying or towing up to 1,500 pounds and is street legal on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 MPH. 

This model is a staple of the modern commercial fleet found on college campuses, park systems, military bases, and industrial complexes. 

The Journeyman

The Columbia Journeyman is the perfect solution for companies that need to safely, efficiently, and comfortably transport four to six people. It features an ergonomic design and a street-legal LSV option for operating on both private areas and public roadways. 

The Journeyman is perfect for amusement parks, hospitals, airports, government facilities, zoos, personal transport, and more.  

With seven models to choose from, getting the right utility vehicle or custom solution is a breeze with Columbia and Toyota Material Handling Solutions 

Don’t forget to read Move, Carry, or Tow – Your Choice, Part I for information about Columbia’s Payloader, Chariot, and Expediter models. 

Need help deciding the right one for you? We’re experts on all of Columbia’s electric utility vehicles. Contact us for a free consultation today!