Specialty Forklifts

Safer. Simpler. Smarter. Combilift and Aislemaster are revolutionizing the way companies handle and store materials, especially long and awkward loads, or when space is limited. Their pioneering product range includes multi-directional, articulated, pedestrian forklifts as well as straddle carriers. We proudly carry options that are designed for you and your warehouse needs in mind. We offer articulating forklifts for sale in order to deliver high-quality machines that are dependable, comfortable, and easy to maneuver in narrow spaces. Invest in your operations and experience faster load cycles and reduced driver fatigue through our selection of specialty forklifts available at Toyota Material Handling Solutions.

Articulating Forklift & Specialty Forklift Options

With products including Combilift articulating forklifts, you can count on Toyota Material Handling Solutions to deliver a selection of equipment your warehouse needs. You can explore our articulating forklifts from Combilift and learn more about why we recommend them for plenty of warehouses. Not ready to make the investment with a new machine? Take time to explore our used forklift selection for high-quality products we feel confident in. Are you looking to test out specific equipment in your warehouse? Our forklift dealership proudly offers a fleet of articulating forklifts for sale but we also offer specialty forklifts within our rental fleet. We know how important it is to avoid downtime, which is why you can consider renting an articulating forklift during a major repair. Whatever you need, our team of experienced professionals is eager and ready to help. Give us a call to learn more about your options.

Specialty Forklift Attachments, Parts, & Repairs

Avoid any issues with your current selection of specialty forklifts through reliable maintenance and service from our team. At Toyota Material Handling Solutions, we focus on providing our customers with plenty of solutions to choose from, including repairs, parts, and even specialty forklift attachments. We can perform your oil change, replace your tires, and even install specific parts on your articulating forklift. Our Los Angeles, CA location features thousands of specialty forklift parts from Toyota, StarLift, and other leading brands, all to ensure your forklift is ready for the next day. Call our team to learn more about your options and to schedule an appointment with our team of mechanics and technicians.