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Which Forklift Energy Source is Right for Your Shift Cycle?

April 30th, 2022  | 
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Do your forklifts ever get a break? And for how long?

This is one of the most important factors in determining the right energy source for your forklifts.

And it makes sense. Just consider those days when you’re constantly running from morning till night time. You need ALL the coffee to stay awake, energized, and ready to go. Whereas, on those more “normal” days, you can probably get by on just one or two cups in the morning.

In the same way, your forklift fleet will have different energy needs depending on the shift cycles you run them on throughout the day. While you’ll always want to consider a wide variety of options and work with an integrated solutions provider like one of Toyota’s authorized dealers, this guide can help you make a preliminary diagnosis of whether to explore electric or internal combustion options.

Single Shift Operations

While internal combustion forklifts can provide the power and efficiency needed to run a successful single shift operation, electric forklifts should be seriously considered. Operating on a single shift, you’ll be able to take full advantage of energy efficiency savings because you can allow the forklift to sit and the battery to charge while your facility is closed.

At the same time, it may take you longer to achieve a full return on your investment in electric forklifts due to your lower utilization — a key factor in determining operation and labor cost.

Multi-Shift and Continuous-Shift Operations

You will need to consider several variables when weighing lead-acid batteries and internal combustion options. The efficiency savings of lead-acid batteries are reduced the most in these operations because they are faced with needing to buy battery exchanging equipment and additional batteries — typically one for each shift. This translates into increased acquisition costs, storage space, maintenance areas, and swap times.

In this case, an internal combustion forklift option deserves serious consideration. While it is a more expensive fuel option, replacing a propane tank is quicker and requires less facility space than swapping and charging a battery.

Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries and Shift Cycles

Lithium-ion batteries offer considerably faster charge speeds, and they can stay in the truck for multiple shifts while being opportunity charged during breaks. This means that they deliver a significant operational advantage over their lead-acid counterparts and can be considered a suitable electric option to replace propane in multi-shift operations.

However, because lithium-ion can cost up to 3x more than lead-acid, it might not be right for every operation. Single-shift operations are just one example in which efficiency returns may not outweigh the upfront costs.

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Written by Jake Stewart, Digital Marketing Supervisor, Toyota Material Handling
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A Guide to High-Capacity Forklift Attachments

April 25th, 2022  | 
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Not all customers have to move heavy loads, but sometimes they have to move things such as tires, coils, or misshapen objects that can’t be moved using traditional forks. In these cases, forklift attachments can assist customers in carrying such items, making life easier and more efficient. Below are a few commonly used high-capacity forklift attachments, with a quick explanation of how they can improve your productivity while lessening your workload.

Toyota Heavy-Duty Forklift Attachments


The telescopic boom is an attachment that Toyota’s High Capacity Adjustable Wheel Base can utilize and works excellent with oddly shaped objects. This option effectively handles unwieldy items such as industrial machinery and massive engines, and many other things that forklift forks would typically have trouble lifting in a secure manner. With the telescopic boom, objects that were once a pain to move can easily be handled by the Toyota High Capacity Adjustable Wheel Base.


Coil Rams consist of a cylindrical, solid piece of steel that attaches to the carriage to securely pick up and maneuver steel coils. Operators will have control of the product, making it safe to move the product throughout the facility without damaging the coils or the forklift. An alternative to a coil ram attachment is coil-tapered forks. These forks have rounded edges that give them the ability to safely pick up a coil while also providing the versatility needed to handle other products.


While regular forks can move a tire, it may not be the most efficient method if you are moving them frequently. The tire handler attachment helps move large tires quickly and can potentially reduce the risk of damage. Using forks could puncture or damage the tires if you have them stacked on top of each other, but the tire handler allows you to “clamp” onto each tire, making it easier to lift and move.

These attachments represent just a few of the available offerings that can help improve your operational efficiency and productivity when it comes to lifting large, heavy loads. If none of these high-capacity attachments suit your needs, make sure you take time to discuss other options with your authorized Toyota forklift dealer. They will be able to provide detailed information regarding heavy-duty attachments for your specific operation.

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What Does it Mean to be a President’s Award Winner?

April 18th, 2022  | 
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We’re excited to announce we’ve won the prestigious 2021 TOYOTA FORKLIFT President’s Award – but what does it mean?  

It means a lot to us; here’s what it means to you: 

 When your material handling partner is a President’s Award winner, it means: 

  1. You’re working with a dealer who performs at the highest level in parts, service, equipment sales, finance, customer satisfaction, and overall operations. 
  2. Your full-line supplier of lift trucks and logistical solutions is one of the top Toyota forklift dealers in North America.    

It’s a proud moment for us. Read what Dr. Shankar Basu, President & CEO of Toyota Material Handling Solutions, says about receiving the award at Toyota’s Annual Meeting in March.  

“We strive for Toyota’s prestigious President’s Award every year,” said Dr. Shankar Basu. “We faced unprecedented challenges in 2021 with the ongoing COVID pandemic and severe supply chain disruptions. Our wonderful associates rose to the challenge and delivered an incredible experience to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We are thankful for their commitment to excellence in every way.”  

TOYOTA FORKLIFT’s prestigious President’s Award was awarded to 15 dealers. Here’s what Toyota Material Handling President & CEO Bill Finerty said about the winners of the award:  

“The President’s Award is our most prestigious honor, reserved for those who deliver a superior customer experience,” said Bill Finerty. “Toyota forklift dealers have a longstanding reputation for consistently going above and beyond for our customers. The dealers recognized represent the best of the best, and we’re proud to honor them and their commitment to excellent customer service.” 

Serving Los Angeles County’s material handling needs since 1973, Toyota Material Handling Solutions has the equipment, people, and expertise to help you maximize productivity and improve your bottom line. 

We’re proud to be your full-line supplier of lift trucks and logistical solutions. For a free consultation and onsite visit, contact us today! 

The winners (pictured above) of the 2021 President’s Award are:

  • Bahrns ToyotaLift, Effingham, Illinois
  • Brodie Toyota-Lift, Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Conger Toyota-Lift, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • JIT Toyota-Lift, Frewsburg, New York
  • Kenco Toyota-Lift, Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • ProLift Toyota Material Handling, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Shoppa’s Material Handling, Ltd., Fort Worth, Texas
  • Southern States Toyotalift, Tampa, Florida
  • Summit ToyotaLift, North Haven, Connecticut
  • Toyota Lift of South Texas, San Antonio, Texas
  • Toyota Material Handling Northern California, Livermore, California
  • Toyota Material Handling Solutions, Santa Fe Springs, California
  • VESCO Toyotalift, Hickory, North Carolina
  • W. D. Matthews Machinery Co., Auburn, Maine
  • Western Materials Handling & Equipment Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada