Optimize Your Warehouse Capacity and Productivity

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Buying a new building? Outgrowing your current space? Now is the perfect time to evaluate your setup. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your space, we can help. Our team will design the perfect warehouse storage and distribution system for your needs.

We’re located in Santa Fe Springs and we’re proud to service LA county and surrounding areas. Give us a call or stop by our location to speak with a warehouse design consultant.

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Why is Warehouse Layout Important?

The layout of your space determines how much product you can store, how quickly you can fill orders, and the overall productivity of your business. Essentially, a good warehouse layout will help you reach your business goals, but a poorly designed layout will actually slow your business down. 

If you’re like most business owners, you know a good amount about storage systems, but could use a little extra expertise to really bring your business to the next level. That’s where we step in.

Here at Toyota Material Handling Solutions, we have decades of experience plus the expertise of Toyota, a worldwide leader in material handling and engineered solutions. When you work with us, we guarantee you’ll see big improvements in your space. Whether you’re trying to speed up delivery time, prevent accidents, or store more products, we’ll create a customized solution just for you. 

How Does the Warehouse Design Process Go?

Since every business and warehouse is unique, we’ll start with a comprehensive analysis of your storage and material handling needs. This way, we can see your operation in action and most importantly, hear what’s important to you

Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution so that the project, however big or small, is stress-free and easy. You’ll work with an experienced Toyota Material Handling Solutions project manager who will oversee the project through all steps, from the design to installation.

Here are the main areas we’ll focus on:

  1. Design and Planning: Our engineering and design specialists will develop a CAD drawing that identifies the most effective layout for your facility. We’ll include your current material handling equipment. And no need to worry about permits–we’ll take care of them all.
  2. Equipment Selection: If you’re thinking about getting new equipment, our sales account managers will work with you to recommend the right equipment for your application, needs, and budget. We have a vast selection of Toyota warehouse products, including reach trucks, order pickers, stackers and electric pallet trucks, CombiLift and AisleMaster forklifts. Everything you need is in one place.
  3. Warehouse Racking Systems: Whether you need selective, double deep, drive-in, push-back, cantilever, pallet or case flow structures, or archive racking systems, we’re your one-stop source for pallet rack and heavy-duty shelving. Since we understand that everyone’s budget is different, we carry both new and used racking options. If you have unused ceiling height, adding a high-quality mezzanine can transform that space to help create additional storage or office space for improved workflow and productivity. 

These are just a few examples. Your design solution is completely customizable and we’ll make sure you’re getting value out of every square inch of space. 

Call today to speak with a representative and schedule your warehouse design consultation.

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