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Optimize Your Warehouse with Toyota

June 25th, 2020  | 
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In today’s environment, many companies are rethinking how they do business. The new process might look like buying or renting a new building or reconfiguring an existing warehouse space. But what if the perfect solution is something you might not have thought about yourself? That’s where we come in. Let our experienced material handling experts optimize your warehouse the Toyota way  

We get a lot of questions about the process of optimizing your warehouse with Toyota. We’ve answered the most common questions here, but if you have a question we haven’t answered, contact us, and we’ll get back to you right away.   

What is the first step in the process? 

Since every business and warehouse has unique applications and requirements, the first step is to comprehensively analyze your storage, and material handling needs so we can see your operation in action and, most importantly, hear what’s important to you. 

What is involved in a comprehensive analysis?  

Our experienced team of Storage and Automated Systems professionals will analyze your warehouse and provide solutions to maximize your pallet storage, productivity, and, ultimately, your bottom line.   

What kind of information will I receive back from Toyota? 

Here are two examples of the comprehensive analysis we provide to maximize the efficiency of your racking design, equipment selection, and overall operation. 

Can you help us find and transform unused or underutilized space? 

Getting the most out of warehouse space is our specialty! For example, if you have ceiling height, adding a high-quality mezzanine can transform underutilized overhead space to help create additional storage or office space for improved workflow and productivity. 

What happens after the comprehensive analysis? 

Our engineering and design specialists will develop a CAD drawing that identifies the most effective way to lay out your facility and factor existing material handling equipment into the plans.  

Who secures the permits?

Toyota Material Handling Solutions will secure all necessary permits on your behalf. 

Who will be the lead on the project? 

Our team will oversee the project through all steps, from the design to installation. 

How much does my team need to be involved?  

Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution so the project, however big or small, is low-stress for you and your team. 

What if we need to update our fleet with new equipment? 

For projects where we will replace existing lift trucks with new equipment, our sales account managers will assist in selecting the right equipment for your application, needs, and budget. In addition to Toyota warehouse products, including reach trucksorder pickersstackers, and electric pallet trucks, we also carry multi-directional CombiLift and AisleMaster forklifts. 

What about racks and shelving? 

We have those, too! Whether you need selective, double deep, drive-in, push-back, cantilever, pallet or case flow structures, or archive racking systems, Toyota Material Handling Solutions is your one-stop source for pallet rack and heavy-duty shelving.  

Our budget is tight. Do you have used options?  

Since everyone’s budget differs, we carry both new and re-conditioned options. 

What if we need docks and doors? 

Our warehouse solutions specialists will evaluate your facility and provide recommendations for highquality dock levelers, dock plates, dock boards, vehicle restraints, dock seals and shelters, and commercial doors, including steel and rubber. To keep loading dock equipment working at its best and to resolve any breakdowns or issues, we have mobile fleet of factory-trained dock and door technicians available 24/7. 

Do you provide recommendations on lighting, too? 

Yes! Many companies don’t realize lighting can account for as much as 80% of their energy bill. Toyota Material Handling Solutions can assess your existing installation and provide solutions to optimize your warehouse lighting to save you money. 

How do we get started?  

We’re ready to design the proper warehouse storage and distribution system for your unique needs. Contact us to schedule a warehouse system, dock, door, or lighting consultation and optimize your warehouse today.