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Scissor and Boom Lifts – Rent or Buy?

October 21st, 2020  | 
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Scissor and boom lifts are very popular in the material handling industry. Companies use them to perform a variety of jobs, including:  

  • Safety inspections  
  • Painting 
  • Window washing and repair  
  • Roller coaster maintenance  
  • Tree trimming  
  • Scoreboard maintenance  
  • Building maintenance  
  • General construction 
  • And many others 

Depending on your location, renting a scissor or boom lift can range from hundreds per day to thousands per monthRental fees can add up over time, so at some point, you might consider purchasing a lift to save money over the long runHere are a few things to consider before you decide whether you should rent or buy 

If you’re thinking about buying a scissor or boom lift, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you have the space to store a lift? You’ll want to keep your scissor or boom lift inside to prevent theft and protect it from the elements. 
  • Will you need it at different locations? If so, factor transportation fuel costs into your budget. 
  • How will you transport your lift from site to siteDo you have vehicle and trailer with the towing capacity to safely transport a heavy scissor or boom lift?  
  • How will you maintain your liftMaintenance is usually minimal, but you want an experienced technician to perform any needed repairs for safety reasons. 

If you’re thinking about renting a scissor or boom lift, ask yourself these questions:   

  • Are lift rentals readily available in your area? Electric scissor lifts and boom lifts are among the most frequently requested pieces of rental units, so make sure theare readily available in your area, so you won’t be surprised when you need one    
  • How much is delivery? Make sure to factor in delivery costs to the overall rental price. 
  • Does your job site have a dock with the right height to move the scissor lift inside? Don’t overlook this small but critical detail. Let your rental equipment provider know the dock height at your job site, so you don’t get stuck with the wrong piece of equipment.  

Other questions to consider whether you rent or buy: 

  • Do you have an experienced lift operator on your team? Most material handling equipment providers offer comprehensive online and in-person training if you need itClick here to sign up for training with us.
  • Do you have harnesses to keep your operators safe while operating the lift? If not, factor in the cost of safety equipment.    

Ask yourself these simple questions before you decide to purchase or rent a forklift. Financial considerations are always important, but logistics and safety should be top of mind, too.  

If you need help deciding which path is right for you, give us a call. Our material handling experts will work with you to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs.