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What can Autonomous Mobile Robots do for you?

December 13th, 2021  | 
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Have you wondered if you should utilize autonomous mobile robots in your warehouse or distribution center? Well, you are not alone.  

The use of autonomous mobile robots to improve efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers is undoubtedly on the rise. A recent study found that investment in warehouse robotics increased by 57% in the first quarter of 2020. It is a clear sign of things to come.  

In fact, according to an August 2021 report by Research and Markets, the global warehouse automation market will reach $30.99 billion in 2025, and experts predict there will be 50,000 robotic warehouses by the same year.  

So, you might ask yourself how autonomous mobile robots can benefit your warehouse, what you can automate, and what these robots can do?  

If you are thinking about implementing warehouse automation and robots, here are answers to frequently asked questions about what robots can do for you.  

What can autonomous mobile robots do in a facility?  

Autonomous mobile robots can handle hundreds of tasks every day and thousands of orders every week. Here are some of the tasks robots can complete in a warehouse:  

  • Picking  
  • Packing  
  • Batching  
  • Sorting  
  • Transporting   
  • Security  
  • Inspections 

How are autonomous mobile robots used in warehouses and distribution centers?  

  • Autonomous mobile robots can replace conventional conveyors with portable and affordable plug-and-play systems to save space.  
  • Autonomous mobile robots can transport heavy objects to reduce employee strain and injury.  
  • Drones can conduct aerial inventory scanning, reach secluded areas in the warehouse, and inspect stock. 
  • Task robots can complete repetitive functions. 
  • Delivery robots can help with order picking. 
  • Palletizing robots can pick one or multiple cases and quickly and accurately place them on a pallet. 

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) enhance robot functions?  

  • IoT sensors transform multiple warehouse devices into intelligent devices that communicate in real-time without human intervention. 
  • IoT connects and coordinates your distribution facility, so workers, robots, managers, and automated vehicles always know the location of items. 

What are the benefits of autonomous mobile robots?  

  • Increased turnaround time  
  • Reduced costs  
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction  
  • Reduced labor and operational costs
  • Reduced handling and storage costs
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Greater inventory control
  • Optimized warehouse space
  • Increased employee safety
  • Reduced physical strain on employees
  • Reduced amount of errors/returns
  • Reduced employee injuries from repetitive tasks   

What kind of equipment can you automate in a warehouse or distribution center?  

  • Forklifts
  • Conveyors
  • Pallet movers
  • Shelving
  • Local delivery vehicles  

What kind of robots are popular to use in a warehouse?  

  • Mobile robots   
  • Drones   
  • Task robots  

Warehouse automation and robots will continue to grow in the years ahead. Many companies in Los Angeles County begin with a warehouse management system, data collection, and inventory management.  

Our systems and automation experts are available to guide you in your journey through warehouse automation. If you need help or advice, contact us today. 

Narrow Aisles: How to Move Wide Loads

December 9th, 2021  | 
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Nothing can be more challenging than moving and lifting wide loads in narrow aisles. A forklift driver operating a standard forklift will undoubtedly need to make a lot of small, calculated moves to navigate around without damaging the load or hitting the warehouse racks – or both. And it will probably take a lot more time than you’d like.    

The obvious solution is to widen the aisles to maintain productivity and efficiency. But what if you don’t have the space?   

Toyota designed two new electric forklifts to solve the specific challenge of moving and lifting wide, bulky loads in narrow aisles.   

Toyota’s New Multidirectional Reach Truck  

Toyota’s new Multidirectional Reach Truck features articulating load wheels for horizontal travel. It can travel parallel and perpendicular to racking to save time and space. It’s ideal for moving materials such as lumber, pipe, carpet, and other building supplies.  

Here are some of the highlights and features of Toyota’s new Multidirectional Reach Truck:   

  • Offers improved storage density and operational efficiency for customers looking to optimize their warehouse space  
  • Suited for pallet-less load handling, long load handling, and specialty racking  
  • Handles loads up to 22 feet wide
  • Lifts to 4,500 lbs.  

Click here to view a video of the new Multidirectional Reach Truck. 

Toyota’s New Furniture Order Picker   

Toyota’s new Furniture Order Picker lifts large items as high as 366 inches on carts or furniture platforms with ease, speed, and stability. It’s the perfect solution to increase productivity at furniture warehouses and distribution centers.   

Here’s a look at some of the highlights and features of Toyota’s new Furniture Order Picker:  

  • A great solution to handle bulky loads like couches, dining room tables, and steel panels  
  • Excellent ergonomics, intuitive functionality, and custom options  
  • Features a glance-and-go display, tight turn radius, and upgraded lift/lower speeds  
  • Available in 24v and 36v models  
  • Lifts to 1,600 lbs.  

Click here to view a video of Toyota’s new Furniture Order Picker. 

As always, every Toyota forklift purchase comes standard with the unparalleled reputation and quality inherent in products manufactured with the world-renowned Toyota Production System. AC motors power the all-new Toyota Multidirectional Reach Truck and Furniture Order Picker. And they are backed by the hallmark Toyota 360 Support promise.  

If navigating wide loads in narrow aisles is expected in your business, Toyota’s new Multidirectional Reach Truck or Furniture Order Picker might be the perfect solution.   

Contact us today! Our material handling experts in Los Angeles stand by to help find the right forklift for your needs.