Noblelift offers a full range of material handling equipment including hand pullet trucks, electronic pallet trucks, walkie stackers, reach trucks and forklifts. It is the largest manufacturer of hand pallet trucks in the world and a leader in Lithium battery technology. Advantages of lithium powered material handling equipment include: Opportunity Charging and Fast Charging: The Lithium battery solution is ideal for multi-shift operations with its unique opportunity and fast charging. Battery change between shifts is no longer needed. Since it is environmentally friendly, the chargers can be conveniently located and don't need a separate charging room. Environmentally friendly: Lithium batteries are zero CO2 emissions and environmentally friendly. No acid evaporation, smell or pollution when charging. They are also maintenance free. High efficiency and optimized productivity: Lithium technology reduces energy consumption by 35% and has a life span 3 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries.