Noblelift Lithium-ion Straddle Stacker (2600 lb. capacity)

Noblelift’s PSE25N SL 2600 lb. capacity, lithium- ion straddle stacker’s robust construction is compact, lightweight and is available in 4 different lift heights. This is the ideal choice for handling loads for light- duty applications.

This highly productive competitively priced ergonomic stacker is fast charging and is equipped with a maintenance free lithium battery with a bonus built-in charger. This allows for longer use through multiple operations. In addition, this unit is perfect for light- duty applications since it is light and compact.

Noblelift’s PSE25N SL 2,600 lb. capacity, lithium- ion straddle stacker is perfect for light- duty applications. There is no need for special tools with easy access to all components of the truck. This unit is equipped with fast-charging lithium-ion batteries to ensure longer and faster operations.

  • 2,600 lb. capacity
  • RFID card access, smart pin access code, and turtle speed button
  • 2.0mm steel cover with a fiberglass tiller for maximum strength
  • Middle drive wheel for better traction and stability
  • Wide mast for clear view and supported legs that are fixed with screws
  • Dual butterfly-style thumb driving controls
  • Emergency-reverse & horn button
  • On- board diagnostics via error codes
  • Short lead time for quick delivery

Noblelift’s Edge PSE25N lithium-ion straddle stacker offers improved productivity for your light duty operations with a value price.

  • Smart Lithium Battery: Equipped with maintenance-free lithium battery, built-in charger, and fast charging between operations and breaks.
  • Integrated Battery Management System that controls important parameters and performance of the lithium battery.
  • Smart ergonomic tiller with keyless PIN code panel, RFID card, and on- board diagnostics via error codes.
  • Turtle speed button that operates with the handle in an upright position when operating in tight spaces to ensure safety.
  • Dual butterfly-style thumb control for traveling with an emergency reverse, horn, and electric lifting and lowering buttons.
  • Adjustable straddle leg made of steel for diverse pallet sizes and to ensure safety.
  • Wide mast to provide operator with a clear view without any chains in the way.
  • Easy maintenance with fast access to all components of the truck without any special equipment.
  • CAN- BUS technology and Curtis controller to make adjustments easier and reduces downtime.


PSE26N SL26002.61/2.8021.65/27.564/10
PSE12N SL12004.2/4.50.11/0.140.13/0.11

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Noblelift's Edge PSE25N SL Lithium- ion Straddle Stacker offers improved productivity for your light duty operations with a value price. Download a brochure to learn how the Noblelift stackers can help your business today.