Noblelift 3-Wheel Electric Forklift (3200 – 4000 lb. capacity)

Noblelift’s FE3D N Series 3200-4000 lb. capacity, electric forklift has a robust construction coupled with solid pneumatic tires and front wheel drive making it excellent for powerful travel and turning performance. There are high-quality components like advanced Curtis electronic controller with a diagnostic system, oil-cooled wet disc brakes, solid pneumatic tires, fully hydrostatic power steering and numerous safety features on this sit- down forklift.

Noblelift’s FE3D 3,200-4,000 lb. capacity, 3-wheel electric forklift, is perfect for outdoor use. With the all- around dual AC front wheel drive motors this unit has excellent turn performance even in the worst floor conditions. There is an emergency power cut- off to prompt emergency stop of the forklift under dangerous circumstances.

  • 3,200 - 4,000 lb. capacity
  • 48 Volt electrical total AC system
  • All- around dual front wheel drive
  • Curtis intelligent computer control system with on- board Curtis self- diagnostics display
  • Smart open side battery access door
  • Emergency power cut- off
  • All LED lights
  • Short lead time for quick delivery

Noblelift’s Edge FE3D N series 3-wheel electric forklift offers improved productivity for your operations with a value price.

  • All- around dual AC front wheel drive: Provide powerful travel and excellent turning performance in undesirable floor conditions.
  • Low mounted battery keeping the forklift’s center of gravity lower to the ground.
  • Curtis intelligent computer control system: regulates and monitors all required forklift functions.
  • Gas spring- assisted battery hood for easy battery and maintenance check .
  • Small diameter steering wheel with spinner knob and on- demand Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering for easy operations.
  • Long lasting battery capacities.
  • Full suspension seat with operator presence sensing system and restraint system to avoid unauthorized personnel incidents.
  • Retractable seat belt for safe operations.
  • IPx4 waterproof design built for outdoor use.



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Noblelift's Edge FE3D N series 3-wheel Electric Forklift offers improved productivity for your operations with a value price. Download a brochure to learn how the Noblelift forklifts can help your business today.