Noblelift Electric Counterweight Stacker (2000 – 4000 lb. capacity)

Noblelift’s PS 20/30/33/40 CB 2000-4000 lb. capacity electric counterweight stacker is compact and reliable. There is a small wheelbase and small turning radius, making this unit more practical and ideal for working in small spaces. This unit adopts the mast forward and backward structure which helps improve stability and safety during operations.

The hydraulic system has fully proportional lifting which ensures accuracy when lifting and lowering during operations.

Noblelift’s PS 20/30/33/40 CB 2,000-4,000 lb. capacity electric counterweight stacker offers an integrated foldable ride-on platform with a protective arm and internal structure for maximum comfort.

  • 2,000 - 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Powerful AC drive
  • Integrated foldable ride-on platform
  • Optional pin panel
  • Lithium battery
  • Automatic lead-acid battery filling system
  • Standard side battery extraction
  • Short lead time for quick deliver

Noblelift’s Edge PS 20/30/33/40 CB Electric Counterweight Stacker offers improved productivity for your operations with a value price.

  • Maintenance free AC Drive motor, German Kordel gearbox, German REMA tiller, Italian ZAPI controller and battery discharge indicator with hour meter.
  • Integrated foldable ride-on platform and protective arm with a new internal structure for the body for protection.
  • The overall length of the stacker is as short as possible to a achieve a smaller turning radius.
  • Optional pin panel access where you can manually enter the password and it also supports RFID card swiping to start the stacker.
  • Optional french HPI hydraulic system: for accurate lifting and lowering of the forks and operations are much smoother for fragile products.
  • Can be equipped with an automatic filling system to quickly refill lead- acid battery.
  • Multi-function instrument can display the vehicle working status, battery power, working time, driving speed and steering angle.
  • Alert when vehicle fails: the outer ring aperture of the instrument will change from green to red and the fault code will appear.
  • The thickness of the enclosure is 0.31-inch to ensure the strength of the car body to prevent harmful damages along with the iron battery cover.
  • Standard side battery extraction making it easy to replace the battery.



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Noblelift's Edge PS 20/30/33/40 CB Electric Counterweight Stacker offers improved productivity for your operations with a value price. Download a brochure to learn how the Noblelift Stackers can help your business today.