EquipmentModelFuel TypeDaily (8 hrs.)Weekly (40 hrs.)Monthly (160 hrs.)Overtime (hourly)
3K IC Pneumatic6/7/8FGU15P$145$650$1,480$4.00
4K IC Pneumatic7/8FGU20P$165$610$1,600 $4.00
5K IC Pneumatic6/7/8FGU25P$180$620$1,650 $4.50
6K IC Pneumatic6/7/8FGU30P$215$690$1,700 $4.50
8K IC Pneumatic6/7FG35UP$230$830$2,150 $5.00
10K IC Pneumatic6/7FG45UP$250$850$2,480 $5.00
15.5K IC Pneumatic7/8FG70UP$315$1,170$3,030 $6.50
20K IC PneumaticDCG100-6D$390$1,550$4,530$20.00
36K IC PneumaticTHD3600 (36,000 lb.)*D$1,024$2,730$6,195 $25.00

* Permits required. Please call for transportation cost. Important note: All rental rates include planned maintenance. The customer is responsible for daily operator checks and any maintenance required due to customer abuse or neglect.