Toyota 3-wheel electric forklift

EquipmentModelFuel type Daily (8 hrs.) Weekly (40 hrs.) Monthly (160 hrs.) Overtime (hourly)
3K 3-Wheel7/8FBE15UE$139$511$1,355$3.25
3.5K 3-Wheel7/8FBE18UE$139$511$1,355 $3.25
4K 3-Wheel7/8FBE20UE$169$595$1,557$3.25
3K 4-Wheel7/8FBCU15E$139$511$1,355$3.25
5K 4-Wheel7/8FBCU25E$196$642$1,580$3.25
6K 4-Wheel7/8FBCU30E$201$714$1,786$3.25
8K 4-Wheel7FBCU35E$206$732$1,830$4.00

Important note: All rental rates include planned maintenance. The customer is responsible for daily operator checks and any maintenance required due to customer abuse or neglect.