IC Cushion Tire Forklift Rental Rates

We’re here to help you get the equipment you need at a price that’s manageable for your business. Rent for the day, week, month, or longer. We offer flexible terms and competitive rates for your convenience. Get an idea of how much it will cost to rent these forklifts in the table below and contact us to get your quote.

EquipmentModelFuel TypeDaily (8 hrs.)Weekly (40 hrs.)Monthly (160 hrs.)Overtime (hourly)
3K IC Cushion7/8FGCU15P$210$585$1,560$4.00
3.5K IC Cushion 7/8FGCU18P$210$585$1,560$4.00
4K IC Cushion7/8FGCU20P$225$600$1,575 $4.00
4K IC Cushion, Short7/8FGCSU20P$225$600$1,575 $4.00
5K IC Cushion7/8FGCU25P$250$775$1,810 $4.00
5K IC Cushion, Quad Mast7/8FGCU25P$295$805$1,840 $4.00
6K IC Cushion7/8FGCU30 P$275$900$2,050$4.00
6K IC Cushion, Quad Mast7/8FGCU30P$305$930$2,080$4.00
6.5K IC Cushion7/8FGCU32P$305$930$1,855$4.50
8K Box Car Special7/8FGC35U-BCSP$320$945$2,055$5.00
10K Box Car Special7/8FGC45U-BCSP$375$1,200$3,000$6.50
12K IC Cushion8FGCU55P$450$1,200$4,400$6.50
15.5K Large IC Cushion7/8FGC70UBCSP$600$1,850 $4,400$6.50

We offer drop-off and pick-up services to make your rental experience even easier. We’re proud to service all of the LA County metro area.

These rental rates include planned maintenance. You’ll still be responsible for daily operator checks and any maintenance required due to improper use or handling.