Toyota Core IC floor stacking

EquipmentModelFuel TypeDaily (8 hrs.)Weekly (40 hrs.)Monthly (160 hrs.)Overtime (hourly)
3K IC Cushion7/8FGCU15P$122$462$1,183$3.50
3.5K IC Cushion 7/8FGCU18P$122$462$1,183$3.50
4K IC Cushion7/8FGCU20P$140$532$1,364 $3.50
4K IC Cushion, Short7/8FGCSU20P$140$532$1,364 $3.50
5K IC Cushion7/8FGCU25P$172$541$1,439 $3.50
5K IC Cushion, Quad Mast7/8FGCU25P$240$679$1,691 $3.50
6K IC Cushion7/8FGCU30 P$176$557$1,481$4.00
6K IC Cushion, Quad Mast7/8FGCU30P$244$789$1,733$4.00
6.5K IC Cushion7/8FGCU32P$200$629$1,672$4.00
8K IC Cushion7/8FGC35UP$202$659$1,855$4.50
8K Box Car Special7/8FGC35U-BCSP$202$659$1,855$4.50
10K IC Cushion7/8FGC45UP$211$771$2,086$6.00
10K Box Car Special7/8FGC45U-BCSP$211$771$2,086$6.00
15.5K Large IC Cushion7/8FGC70UP$373$1,248$3,165$6.00

Important note: All rental rates include planned maintenance. The customer is responsible for daily operator checks and any maintenance required due to customer abuse or neglect.