According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the top five places people get injured in the warehouse are docks, forklifts, conveyors, materials and storage, and mechanical lifting and handling.  

A safety-first mindset can help everyone in your facility stay safe and avoid injuries. Here are nine forklift safety products designed to improve workplace safety.  

#1 Brake Lights and Headlights   

OSHA requires brake lights and headlights are used in environments “where general lighting is less than two lumens per square foot.”  

If standard lights are not bright enough, replace them with LED lights. 

#2 Blue Lights   

Blue lights aimed at the floor illuminate the front and back area of a forklift to let pedestrians and other forklift drivers know a forklift is approaching.  

#3 Strobe Lights  

Strobe lights placed at eye level warn others to stay alert.  

#4 Fork Tilt Warning Lights  

Warning lights in the cabin can alert drivers when the forks are misaligned.

#5 Seat Belts  

Seat belts keep operators secure during tip-overs, the most common type of forklift accident.  

#6 Backup Alarms  

Backup alarms should be installed and working on every piece of moving equipment in your facility.  

#7 Blind Spot Cameras  

Blind spot cameras can be beneficial to forklift operators to see around blind corners and other obstructive views. 

#8 Horns  

OSHA requires all forklift drivers to have access to “an operator-controlled horn, whistle, gong or another sound-producing device.” Horns allow them to alert others to blind corners or intersections where visibility is limited.  

#9 Operator Safety Training  

All forklift drivers must complete an operator safety training course to maintain OSHA compliance.  

Safety training teaches forklift drivers about:

  • A safety-first mindset
  • OSHA safety rules and regulations
  • Safe driving techniques
  • Safety checklists
  • And more

Our professional trainers teach a comprehensive operator safety training program with a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. We have classes in Santa Fe Springs on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Click here to sign up.

Our expert trainers also teach Train the Trainer courses, refresher courses, and group classes at your location. Contact us to schedule a class at your facility.  

A safety-first mindset and proper forklift safety products and training can prevent accidents. Does your facility need a safety tune-up? Sign up for a complimentary safety consultation from our experienced material handling professionals.  

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