Combilift Articulating Forklifts

All over the world, Combilift is revolutionising the way companies handle and store materials, especially long and awkward loads, or when space is limited. Combilift’s pioneering product range includes multi-directional, articulated, pedestrian forklifts as well as straddle carriers. Companies of all sizes, across a diverse array of industries, are using Combilift handling solutions to maximize efficiency, safety and profitability.

  • Increase indoor and outdoor storage capacity without the need for additional warehousing
  • Maximize safety when handling materials
  • Increase efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate handling
  • Minimize or eliminate product damage
  • Reduce fleet size through innovative, multi-purpose design
  • Provide considerable cost savings across the life of the truck
  • Optimise operator comfort with bespoke cab design
  • Effortlessly handle loads from 1 to 100 tonnes

IF YOU’VE GOT A LOAD HANDLING PROBLEM YOU THINK CAN’T BE SOLVED, let us show you what innovative Combilifts can do!