HELI G Series Lithium Battery 1.5-2T (3000 – 4000 lb. capacity)

The Heli G series 3000-4000 lb. capacity lithium- ion counterbalanced truck is high performing and energy efficient. This unit has an optimized hydraulic system, programmable speed and acceleration setting and has regenerative motor braking to achieve excellent energy efficiency. There is a large battery capacity that helps for longer operation and a standard battery roller to change the battery quick and easy.

Heli’s G series 3,000-4,000 lb. lithium battery powered three-wheel stand- up counterbalanced trucks offers a high-quality forklift at an economical price point. We have these counterbalanced trucks in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • Three- Wheel Counterbalanced Truck
  • 6,000 – 7,000 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • Standard configuration of wide view compact mast, tube pulley block, and a large arc roof frame to help improve drivers view.
  • Optimized brake pedal height and accelerating pedal height for comfort shifting.
  • Super low torque steering unit.
  • Rear handle with horn button to ensure safe and comfortable operation while driving in reverse.
  • Ratchet hand brake has a different force on the slope and ground to help reduce driver’s fatigue.
  • Special side plate and top cover for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Highly- mounted rear axle increasing transversal stability by 2.1%
  • Three driving modes to be equipped for different working conditions.
  • Automatic deceleration when steering to ensure operation safety.
  • IPX4 Waterproof: powered to stimulate a 15 minute short- time 5000L rainstorm test, and the vehicle can continue to run without failure.
  • The electric truck saves more than 10% of the energy during travel and LED lamps save 80% of the energy.
  • Prolonged battery life of 10%.
  • Battery side lift and customized battery side pulling makes changing the battery easier.



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Heli G series lithium battery powered three-wheel counterbalanced trucks offer improved performance and superior quality in a lower cost forklift. Download a brochure to learn how the Heli G series can help your business today.