Advance by Nilfisk Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

We’re proudly carry the Advance brand of innovative commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. Advance, part of the Nilfisk Group, has been manufacturing cleaning equipment for more than 100 years in Plymouth, Minnesota.

It’s common sense that a clean working environment is necessary for productivity, safety, and overall efficiency. And today, more than ever, cleanliness and safety are top of mind for all of us during this pandemic. Given this fact, almost every facility, warehouse, or manufacturing plant needs industrial floor care equipment to ensure their facility is free of dirt, debris, and germs.

You have several choices regarding picking the right floor care equipment: sweepers, scrubbers, and combination sweepers/scrubbers. You also have a selection of walk-behind and ride-on models.

Every facility requires a unique floor cleaning solution. Dusty environments need scrubbers. Facilities with bulky debris like wood chips and metal shavings need sweepers. And customers who want shiny, scruff-free floors typically require a combination sweeper/scrubber model to get the results they want.

  1. To help you define which model might be suitable for you, here is a list of questions to consider before you begin your search:
  2. How much dirt and debris does your facility generate each day?
  3. What size are the particles of dirt and debris?
  4. What kind of substance do you generate? For example, oily, dusty, wet?
  5. What type of surface are you cleaning?
  6. How many people are cleaning at one time?
  7. Do you need to simply pick up debris or do you want a shiny, scuff-free floor, too?
  8. What type of aisle do you have in your facility? For example, open-end or dead-end?
  9. What is the total square footage of the area to be cleaned?
  10. What size are your doorways?

Next, you’ll need to decide on a ride on or walk behind. Before you decide whether to purchase a less expensive walk-behind model or a more expensive ride-on model, consider these facts:

  1. 90% of the cost of cleaning is labor.
  2. Ride-on sweepers and scrubbers are 64% more productive than walk-behind models.
  3. Other considerations include ease of use, ease of maintenance, and topper and tank capacities.
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Our floor cleaning experts are standing by to help you pick the right industrial floor care equipment for your unique needs.