Everyone wants a bargain, especially when purchasing an expensive piece of material handling equipment. Companies looking for a deal on material handling equipment often look at used forklifts.

Beyond the usual questions about price and hours of use, what other things do you need to know? Here are three important questions to ask before you buy your next used forklift.  

How many hours do you plan to use the lift? 

Ask yourself realistically how many hours you need a forklift each day to be productive.

If it’s truly just a few hours a day, a used forklift is probably a great choice. If you need a forklift for more than a few hours a day, you may want to consider a new forklift purchase.  

What’s the general history? 

Find out the previous application and history. The answer is more important than you might think.

For example, what if you find out it’s used in a cold storage facility? In this case, you want to make sure the lift has an anti-corrosion protection system, which provides maximum resistance to harsh environmental factors.

If you’re purchasing from a second owner, ask about previous applications, too. 

What’s the service history? 

You want to buy a used forklift that has been maintained well and serviced by trained technicians. Ask the lift owner for the forklift’s service history to get a feel for the frequency and type of repairs.

Maintenance logs often reveal weaknesses. Has the mast or engine been serviced more than usual? Look closely and ask questions if something doesn’t seem right. 

The safest way to buy a used forklift is to purchase from a trusted dealer. This way, you’ll know the equipment has been looked at by material handling experts and serviced by factory-trained mechanics. 

We carry an extensive inventory of used reconditioned forklifts for various applications. Contact us and let our experts do the “heavy-lifting” to find the perfect used forklift for you.