Toyota Forklift dealers have the industry’s most comprehensive material handling solutions. From a single forklift to an entire fleet, Toyota’s quality, durability, reliability, and value are built-in thanks to advanced technology and the world-renowned Toyota Production System. 

You may be asking why you should consider Toyota’s electric forklift models over IC forklifts or other brands. Here are the advantages of electric drives over IC drives:   

  • Lower maintenance costs, resulting in savings over the life of the forklift
  • Electric drives accelerate faster and provide a smoother driving experience for the operator
  • Electric forklifts experience less downtime, resulting in more productivity
  • In California, you can get ahead of CARB’s 2035 zero-emission mandate  

Here are the top 5 electric forklifts in Toyota’s diverse range of products.  

#1 Toyota’s 3-Wheel Electric Forklift  

Toyota’s 3-Wheel Electric leads the industry in run time, travel speeds, and lift/lowering rates. Check out these impressive stats. Toyota’s 3-Wheel Electric is:  

  • 15 percent more energy efficient than the next competitor  
  • Up to 23 percent faster in travel speed  
  • Up to 8 percent faster in average lift/lower speed  

Toyota’s 3-Wheel Electric Forklift also fits in narrow aisles, is easy to maintain, and has a 40 percent longer battery life than the competition. No wonder it is a top seller in Toyota’s forklift line.  

#2 Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack  

Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is a versatile, multi-use solution for almost any application. It is great for mid-distance warehouse runs and excellent for loading and unloading trailers. It is the first to offer a factory option for an integrated fork scale that can calculate weight as it lifts the load. 

#3 Toyota’s Electric Order Picker 

Need a straightforward solution to retrieve orders? Toyota’s Electric Order Picker is the answer. Its mast rises to 390 inches to reach your tallest racks and quickly moves around narrow aisles and tight spaces. It also features optional wire guidance and double rail guidance systems to minimize rack impact and optional Lift Logic technology to monitor lift height for safe operation.  

#4 Toyota’s Electric Reach Truck  

Toyota’s Electric Reach Truck is the truck you need for dock-to-stock, stock-to-dock, and optimal visibility in the second-level pallet position. Its open view mast optimizes forward visibility, while its sturdy mast construction minimizes mast sway. It is the perfect warehouse equipment to help you reach higher and work smarter.  

#5 Toyota’s Electric Walkie Stacker  

Toyota’s Electric Walkie Stacker has a mast capable of raising and lowering loads for light-duty stacking. It is an excellent option for short, and mid-distance runs in busy warehouses. If you are looking for warehouse equipment to handle narrow aisle storage, reach storage racks up to 12 feet and lift loads to 2,500 lbs., Toyota’s Electric Walkie Stacker is your solution. 

Do you need help choosing material handling equipment? We can help you decide which electric forklift is right for you. Our seasoned material handling experts know the ins and outs of every piece of material handling equipment available. Contact us for a free on-site consultation today.  


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