Keeping up with regular forklift maintenance is critical to your business operations. Like any machinery, forklifts need service to keep running in optimal condition. Check out the top three reasons you should follow the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule for your forklift fleet below.

Reduce Breakdowns and Emergency Repairs

Planned maintenance of your forklifts not only keeps them running in peak shape, it can also reduce breakdowns and prevent the need for costly emergency repairs. During planned maintenance, expertly trained Toyota technicians inspect your equipment for signs of wear or signs of a failing part. Catching these small issues and fixing them before they break in the middle of a job can save you from having to do major repairs at an inconvenient time.

Lower Operating Costs

In addition to reducing equipment downtime, getting your fleet on a planned maintenance program allows you to budget a set monthly amount for equipment maintenance. At Toyota Material Handling Solutions, we offer a variety of monthly planned maintenance programs ranging from basic safety inspections and routine maintenance up to our Vehicle Management System (VMS) Guaranteed Maintenance Program that covers all planned maintenance and breakdowns including parts and labor, a loaner lift truck if repairs are expected to take more than 48 hours, and fleet management reporting.

It’s also important to remember that preventative maintenance increases the lifespan of your forklift fleet and maximizes the return on your investment.

Better Trade Value

Technician working on battery under forklift hoodUsed forklift buyers, whether a dealership or a private business, look for equipment that has been well maintained with genuine manufacturer parts. The easiest way to show that forklifts have been properly serviced according to the manufacturer guidelines is to have monthly planned maintenance records from an authorized Toyota forklift dealer. Having those records will increase the trade value of your equipment.

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