It’s probably an understatement to say the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. One of the main discussion points at Toyota Material Handling Solutions is continuing to provide excellent forklift service while keeping everyone safe.   

Our Safety Commitment

To carry on with our company’s well-known commitment to safety, we’re taking every measure to protect your employees’ health and ours during this pandemic. Besides donning gloves and masks, practicing social distancing, and disinfecting equipment, we train our technicians to take specific steps to perform service during the pandemic safely. 

Six Safety Steps

To help alleviate any fears you might have about servicing your equipment during this time, we want to share the steps we take to keep you safe. Here are six areas our service technicians focus on to service your forklift fleet safely.

  1. Prevention: We instruct our associates to maintain excellent personal hygiene measures and stay home if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other virus.
  2. Social distancing: We tell our associates to keep a six-foot distance from others and avoid group meetings or other gatherings. 
  3. Disinfecting: Our technicians sanitize the equipment before and directly after performing service work, including spraying disinfectant, letting it sit for one minute, and wiping down all controls, covers, and doors.
  4. Communication: Our service department contacts you to determine a safe work area before your service appointment. When they arrive, our technicians comply with any required screening and section the desired work area with safety cones to ensure proper social distancing.
  5. Proper safety protocol: Our technicians perform personal hygiene measures before entering your facility and wear masks and gloves the entire time.  
  6. Work order procedures: To complete necessary work orders and approvals while observing social distancing, our technicians print your name on the signature line and take a picture of you for identification purposes. If you prefer to sign the bill, we wipe down the phone before and after your signature while maintaining social distancing.  

Your safety is our top priority. Call 800-794-5438 if you have questions regarding our COVID-19 safety procedures, or contact us to schedule service appointment today.