Kärcher B 60 W Bp Walk-Behind Scrubber

The Kärcher B 60 W Bp is the walk-behind scrubber built for efficiency from the ground up. With interchangeable scrub decks, you can choose between cylindrical, disc or orbital mechanics in various widths. The Kärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) allows supervisors to customize the settings for operators

  • The Kärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) offers better security against unwanted operation
  • Travel speed, brush speed, motor output or cleaning dosage can be programmed by supervisors to suit the needs of the cleaning task or operator. The operator only needs to insert the key
  • With its slimline design, the B 60 easily navigates narrow passageways and around obstacles
  • The asymmetric tank shape ensures a clear view of the brush heads
  • The charging curve of the standard built-in charger protects the batteries and ensures long run times and battery life
  • In eco!efficiency mode, the B 60’s brush speed, suction force and corresponding noise level are reduced up to 4 dBA, making it the right choice for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas


B 60 W BpB 60 W BpB 60 W BpB 60 W Bp B 60 W Bp
Brush headR 55D 55R 65D 65S 65
Cleaning width (in)2222262626
Theoretical productivity (sq ft/hr)23,68023,68027,98627,98623,681
Water tank volume (gal)1616161616
Max. water flow (gal/min)11111
Max. speed (rpm)600-1300180600-13001802000
Operating noise level (dBA)61-6661-6661-6661-6661-66
Weight, with battery (lb)400360425400400
Dimensions L X W X H (in)59 x 26 x 4558 x 26 x 4560 x 29 x 4560 x 29 x 4560 x 29 x 45

Details of specifications and equipment may change without notice.

Download the Kärcher B60 W Bp Walk-Behind Scrubber brochure