Heli H3C Series 4-5T (8000 – 10000 lb. capacity)

The Heli H3C series 8000-10000 lb. capacity IC cushion forklift is highly productive and great for warehouse operations.  The truck has a 35% faster lifting speed compared to previous generations. The operator compartment is comfortable with a generous overhead guard height, semi-suspension seat, small steering wheel and electro-hydraulic direction changing. Plus, the comfort of the operator has improved hydraulic control function, repositioned hydraulic pump for quieter and smoother operation, and isolators separating the main frame and engine/transmission to reduce vibration.


Heli’s H3C Series 8,000-10,000 capacity cushion tire offers a high-quality forklift at an economical price point. We have these forklifts in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • IC Cushion Forklift
  • 8,000 – 10,000 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • Cushion connection and whole suspension cab help absorb the vibrations of truck effectively.
  • Fully enclosed dashboard and lowering damping device inside the lifting system helps reduce mast shock and vibration.
  • The overhead guard height and large arc shape OHG front legs help create a spacious operator compartment.
  • Operator comfort is enhanced by the semi-suspension seat, small steering wheel and electro-hydraulic directional change knob.
  • Small turning radius helps make steering flexible and easy.
  • The truck has fast lifting speed, good sloping ability and high efficiency.
  • Load sensing hydraulic system reduces energy consumption.
  • Fully electric control engine has large power and low energy consumption.
  • The LPG or gasoline engine has good emission performance
  • The truck can effectively prevent the volatilization of the fuel with the pressure fuel cap.
  • The hot air isolating device, optimized thermal duct and the aluminum plate-fin type radiator improve cooling ability and ensure engine working reliability.
  • The optimized design of key parts including frame, mast, overhead guard and steering axle improve the truck’s safety and reliability.
  • Engine hood open angle increased to 80°, contributes to quick and convenient maintenance.
  • Smaller Front floor board makes it more convenient to maintain the transmission box.


MODEL NUMBERLOAD CAPACITY* (LBS.)MAX. TRAVEL SPEED FULL LOAD (MPH)EngineEngine rated power (HP/Rpm)Engine rated torque (ft*Ib)/rpm)
CPYD40C800010.5 PSI 4.3102/2300244/1400
CPYD50C1000010.5 PSI 4.3102/2300244/1400

Details of specifications and equipment may change without notice.

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Heli H3C Series IC cushion trucks offer improved performance and superior quality in a lower cost forklift. Download a brochure to learn how the Heli H3C can help your business today.