HELI G Series Lithium- ion 2-3.5T (4000 – 7000 lb. capacity)

The Heli G series 4000- 7000 lb. lithium- ion truck is high quality and capable of handling rough operating environments. This unit can operate in a rainstorm for a short- time as well as temperatures in -20 degrees without failure. With the lithium battery there is no need for manual maintenance, it is fast charging and is zero emission.

Heli’s G series lithium- ion battery 4,000 – 7,000 lb. forklift offers a high-quality forklift at an economical price point.  We have these forklifts in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • Lithium- ion Battery Forklift
  • 4,000 – 7,000 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • Three configurations: S/M/H. M & H are comparable with internal combustion trucks in terms of comprehensive performance.
  • The steering wheel can directly begin function and provides the required oil quantity according the steering wheel speed.
  • Automatic steering deceleration.
  • Bilingual color screen instrument.
  • PES three- speed mode.
  • Rear handle with horn switch to help when going in reverse.
  • Low temperature auto- heating lithium battery.
  • Optimized mast, large boarding space, and pressed overhead guard for improved visibility and safety.
  • Ultra- low torque steering gear and lighter steering operation to reduce fatigue.
  • The electrical elements are concentrated on the top battery and the maintenance points are centralized which is convenient for inspection and maintenance.
  • The truck passed various rough operating environments: IPX4 waterproof, Wading, Cold Storage, and Bumpy Road test.
  • Aluminum alloy plate frame, which is firm, lightweight and has good head dissipation.
  • Fast charging that can be full in 2 hours.
  • Low temperature adaptability, long service life, manual maintenance free, and is a no pollution and zero emissions unit.


CPYD20400011.2/11.8KUBOTA WG2503GAS:57.4/2600 LPG:58.3/2600GAS:128.7/1400 LPG:120.7/1800
CPYD25500011.2/11.8KUBOTA WG2503GAS:57.4/2600 LPG:58.3/2600GAS:128.7/1400 LPG:120.7/1800
CPYD30600011.8/11.8KUBOTA WG2503GAS:57.4/2600 LPG:58.3/2600GAS:128.7/1400 LPG:120.7/1800
CPYD35700011.8/11.8KUBOTA WG2503GAS:57.4/2600 LPG:58.3/2600GAS:128.7/1400 LPG:120.7/1800

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