HELI G Series AC Electric Cushion 2-3.2T (4000 – 6500 lb. capacity)

The Heli G series 4000-6500lb. capacity AC electric forklift has improved performance and superior quality compared to earlier versions. This unit has an optimized hydraulic system that is fast and energy efficient. The lift controls are programmable to select multi- speed functions for various conditions. The narrow mast channels and accessible controls help improve operator comfort and safety.

Heli’s G series 4,000-6,500 lb. capacity AC electric cushion forklift offers a high-quality forklift at an economical price point.  We have these forklifts in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • AC Electric Cushion forklift
  • 4,000 – 6,500 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • Visibility has been improved with narrower mast channels and repositioned hose and cylinders.
  • Arc shape of overhead guard and narrow bars allows operator maximum view and raised loads.
  • Small turning radius and automatic deceleration during steering for greater stability.
  • Entry and exit from operator’s compartment is easy and convenient from both sides of the forklift along with a low, wide step and grab handle.
  • Comfortable adjustable suspension seat, controls and park brake are within reach to reduce operator strain.
  • ZAPI control and AC powered motors help program drive and lift systems for better efficiency.
  • Optional side battery removal for faster battery changes.
  • 36V or 38V ZAPI AC controllers and motors help increase efficiency and lowers noise level.
  • Optimized hydraulic system, regenerative motor braking, programmable speed and acceleration settings makes this unit very energy efficient.
  • Drive controls are easily programmable to set acceleration and deceleration rates for coasting, reverse plugging and service breaks.
  • Removeable side and rear panels provide easy access to key components.
  • Removeable floor board allows for easy access to drive motor and trans axle.
  • Easy access to brake fluid reservoir under door in front dash.
  • Strobes, beacon or blue lights and alarms available and all LED lights save 80% of lighting energy.


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Heli G series cushion forklifts offer improved performance and superior quality in a lower cost forklift. Download a brochure to learn how the Heli G Series can help your business today.