HELI G Series 5.5-10T Pneumatic (11000 – 22000 lb. capacity)

The Heli G series 11000- 22000 lb. capacity pneumatic forklift features exceptional comfort and durability. Moreover, the suspended engine and composited mufflers reduce vehicle vibrations and sound level. The optimized pedal system, adjustable steering wheel and accessible control handle is designed for comfort and reliable operation. In addition, this unit is equipped with a fully automatic 2- speed transmission that shifts between 1st and 2nd gear to match the speed and load requirements without operator assistance.

Heli’s G series 11,000-22,000 lb. capacity pneumatic forklift offers a high-quality forklift at an economical price point. We have these forklifts in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • Pneumatic Forklift
  • 11,000 – 22,000 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • The engine compartment is fully insulated to reduce noise levels.
  • The operator’s compartment is suspended on vibration dampening rubber mounts.
  • Semi suspension seat to reduce operator fatigue which improves operator and equipment efficiency.
  • The distance between the double hand switch and steering wheel, comprehensive dashboard and the optimized pedal system ensures for comfortable operation.
  • The range of the steering wheel adjustment is 9 degrees forward and backwards.
  • The cover between the cab and the engine cabinet is sealed to reduce noise.
  • This unit is equipped with an industry exclusive high capacity all aluminum radiator to run cool under both normal and heavy operating conditions.
  • The hydraulic system is engineered for optimized performance, improving efficiency and lowering fuel consumption.
  • Equipped with a fully automatic 2- speed transmission that smoothly shifts between 1st and 2nd gears eliminating the need for the operator to perform this function and to match the speed and load requirements.
  • The engine compartment hood opens a full 80°s along with removeable floorplates for easy access to the powertrain, hydraulic and cooling components.


CPCD551100017.4/19.6CUMMINS QSF3.8t4F119.3/2400360.2/1600
CPCD601300017.1/19.5CUMMINS QSF3.8t4F119.3/2400360.2/1600
CPCD701500016.9/19.4CUMMINS QSF3.8t4F119.3/2400360.2/1600
CPCD851900017.0/19.5CUMMINS QSF3.8t4F119.3/2400360.2/1600
CPCD1002200016.3/19.3CUMMINS QSF3.8t4F119.3/2400360.2/1600

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