Heli Lithium Battery Pallet Truck 1.5-2T (3300 – 4400 lb. capacity)

The Heli 3rd generation 3300- 4400 lb. capacity lithium battery pallet truck is high quality and reliable. This truck has an upgraded metal shell cover to increase protection during operation. The portable lithium battery pack has an automatic sleep function with a standard built- out charger. This pallet truck features a fully electric drive which is perfect for unloading and loading products without force to reduce operator fatigue.

Heli’s 3rd generation lithium battery 3,300- 4,400 lb. capacity pallet truck offers a high-quality pallet truck at an economical price point.  We have these pallet trucks in stock now for immediate purchase.

  • 3rd Generation Lithium Battery Pallet Truck
  • 3,300- 4,400 lb. capacity
  • In stock now for immediate delivery
  • Lithium battery and brushless drive motor for maintenance free operations.
  • 5s replace battery and error code display.
  • Built- in optional charger and automatic built- out charger.
  • Concave Design, integral forks, and PU wheel improved design.
  • There is a normal and smart handle for your preference.
  • Emergency power- off switch.
  • Wire harness fixing block and a protection cover.


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Heli 3rd generation lithium battery offers improved performance and superior quality in a lower cost Pallet Truck. Download a brochure to learn how the Heli pallet trucks can help your business today.