Toyota consultant checking on customer fleet using t-maticsAt Toyota Material Handling Solutions, we strive to do more than simply selling the best forklifts. We also want to help you find a better way to manage your equipment. Toyota’s T-Matics Mobile and T-Matics Command can help you reduce labor and maintenance costs, lost productivity, and damage.

Utilizing advanced technology, T-Matics helps ensure that your fleet is being used as efficiently and efficiently as possible – whether you have five forklifts or 50. You’ll receive real-time, actionable data that will help you make decisions on safety and training opportunities, maintenance schedules, and other operational concerns that directly impact profitability.

T-Matics Mobile

Intended for any size fleet, T-Matics Mobile is a cellular-based system ideal for forklifts that aren’t locked to one location. T-Matics Mobile features a plug-and-play field install, factory and field installation options, electronic hour meter collection error code reporting, and fleet utilization.

T-Matics Command

Designed for fleets of at least 15 forklifts, T-Matics Command is a wireless forklift management system that collects data by WiFi or iRF cellular within a designated facility. Advantages include electronic North American safety standard checklists, automated alerts and reporting, auto-maintenance management, operator access control, and more.

  • Forklift fleet tracking: Get visibility of your fleet at all times whether you’re operating at a single location or your forklifts are being moved around North America.
  • Electronic safety checklist: Mandate automated forklift operator checklists before use; eliminate paper and improve accountability and safety.
  • Maintenance tracking: Get timely notifications on planned maintenance needs and link directly to Toyota Material Handling Solutions for time-sensitive service intervals.
  • Web-based reporting: Generate benchmarks and report results daily, weekly, quarterly and/or annually and make more informed decisions based on fleet data.
  • Impact alerts: Get alerts sent directly to your if your forklifts are involved in an impact.
  • Use limited to only those qualified: Set permissions to ensure forklifts are only being used by certified operators.