Get your forklifts in shape for summer

Engines that are cooled properly work longer, burn less fuel, require less maintenance and
improve your bottom line. For a limited time, the $299*  cooling system special includes:

  • Inspect upper and lower radiator hoses
  • Inspect cooling fan fins
  • Inspect fan shroud and safety guard
  • Check water pump flow
  • Check water pump bearing end play
  • New radiator cap
  • Install new fan belt
  • Drain system and fill with OEM specified coolant (up to 2 gallons)
  • Clean radiator with compressed air
  • Quote additional items as needed

*$299 per unit plus applicable taxes. Includes labor of $200 and $90 in parts. Effective through September 30, 2021. Exclusions apply.*

Contact us today to schedule your cooling system evaluation and flush!