Kalmar Empty Container Handler DCG80-100

Ideal for demanding applications such as steel and wood handling, the Kalmar DCG90-180 forklift combines low fuel consumption and superior lifting performance with excellent reliability and easy maintenance. It’s also designed to offer the best return on investment over its lifespan.

With a range of single and double container stackers in 17,600 to 22,000 lb. capacities, the Kalmar DCG80-100 is a robust line with the highest lifting and lowering rates. Customer like it so much that over 90% say they would repurchase a Kalmar empty container handler again, primarily for their proven superior durability, reliability and local dealer support.

  • 17,600 –22,000 lb. capacity
  • High rear tilt cylinder and heavy-duty steer and drive axle and chassis for better lateral and longitudinal stability and a smoother ride
  • Medium and high-performance drive train provides faster lifting and lower, smoother gear shifting and better fuel economy
  • Single or double stack up to 22,000 lb. capacity
  • Safe, comfortable and easier than ever to control, the EGO cab is engineered to put as little as possible between your operator and the load at hand
  • Ergonomically designed, the joystick stays firmly secured in position for smoother, safer gear changes
  • Automatic 3-speed or 4-speed transmission (lock-up)
  • Lifting speed of 128 fpm unloaded or 118 fpm loaded
  • Standard mechanical pile slope (MPS) of 2° at 20 feet and 1° at 40 feet


Find out why 90% of Kalmar empty container owners would repurchase. After all, these hard-working container handlers offer industry-leading performance, ergonomics, operability and ease of service.