Since 1991, HELI has been the #1 forklift manufacturer in China and is the 7th largest manufacturer in the world. With thousands of Heli forklifts in operation across the globe, let’s look at why Heli Forklifts is a top brand in the industry. 

Diverse Product Line

One of the key factors contributing to Heli’s success is its diverse product line. Heli has designed and manufactured over 1,700 models, each tailored to serve a particular industry or role.

Heli offers electric, internal combustion and diesel models to provide you with various choices to suit your needs. Whether you need a forklift to move building materials, transport heavy loads, or use in hot/cold weather, Heli has you covered. 

Variety of Engine Types 

Understanding the engine is the heart of the forklift, Heli carefully chose engines from top manufacturers including Kubota, GM, Mitsubishi, PSI, Deutz, and Cummins. 

Regenerative Braking  

Heli is committed to providing its customers with the latest forklift technology. Select Heli forklift models come equipped with regenerative braking, a cutting-edge technology that can help reduce wear and tear on a forklift while also extending its operation time. 

Quick Delivery 

While other dealers and brands have extended lead times for the 5,000 lb. capacity cushion tire trucks, we have HELI 5,000 lb. capacity IC cushion tire forklifts in stock for quick delivery

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Where are Heli’s warranty claims handled? 

All U.S. Heli warranties coordinate through the Phoenix office, providing customers with a streamlined process for handling warranty-related issues. 

How fast can we get Heli forklift parts? 

Heli has a well-stocked parts facility in Phoenix, Arizona, to ensure quick and easy deliveries to keep your forklifts running smoothly. 

Does Heli sell electric forklifts?  

Yes! Heli has electric sit-down forklifts, stand-up forklifts, and walkie-pallet jacks, with load capacities from 2,000 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. 

How many forklifts does Heli make a year? 

As a global brand, Heli produces an impressive 160,000 forklifts per year from its factory in China. 

Heli’s commitment to delivering first-class industrial equipment is evident in its track record. Customers rely on Heli forklifts to work shift after shift, week after week, without fail. In addition, Heli’s warranty work is handled in the U.S., ensuring you can get your equipment up and running again quickly and easily. 

With a long history of providing dependable forklifts and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Heli is an excellent choice for a durable and reliable forklift. 

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