If you work in an industry that requires heavy-duty lifting equipment, you’ve probably heard of Kalmar. A Kalmar solution is handling one in four container movements around the globe. Beyond cargo-handling, you can find Kalmar products in terminals, distribution centers, and other heavy industry applications.  

You might wonder what makes Kalmar the preferred choice in the heavy-duty material handling industry. Here are seven things that Kalmar focuses on that sets it apart from the rest. 

  1. Designed for Heavy-Lifting: Kalmar specializes in products made with heavy-lifting power to handle heavy loads, coupled with the smooth, precise control of a smaller-capacity machine.  
  2. Commitment to Electric: Kalmar launched its first electric forklift truck in 1979, long before most heavy-equipment manufacturers began adding electric options to their products. Today, Kalmar offers electric-powered forklifts with lifting capacities from 11,000 to 40,000 pounds. Kalmar aims to have electric versions of every product in its portfolio by 2021. The company currently offers electric-powered versions of its empty container handlers, shuttle and straddle carriers, and yard cranes.  
  3. Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Trucks: Kalmar offers lithium power on its mediumrange of forklifts. The batteries are fast-charging, and in some circumstances, can be charged in less than two hours. Lithium batteries also allow opportunity charging, making them suitable for multi-shift operations.  
  4. Kalmar EGO Cabin: Kalmar’s EGO Cabin features superb ergonomics to help keep operators comfortable, while also offering unobstructed visibility right around the machine. The EGO Cabin allows operators to adjust and fine-tune their work environment to their specific preference to ensure safety, comfort and optimal productivity. 
  5. Eco-Efficient Cargo Handling: Along with Kalmar’s extensive range of electric-powered equipment that produces zero emissions at source, you can also choose from a range of diesel-powered equipment that uses eco-efficient technology to reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% in comparison to traditionally powered equipment. 
  6. Optimized Driving Experience: Kalmar offers an entirely new lifting experience for heavy-duty high-capacity forklifts, with improved lifting and lowering speeds combined with load-sensing hydraulics for smooth, safe handling of even the most challenging loads. 
  7. Quality and Reliability: There is a reason Kalmar is so prevalent in North America and around the world. The trucks are loved and appreciated for their outstanding efficiency, safety, reliability, and low operating costs.  

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for lifting containers, steel, wood, and other heavy material, Kalmar has the right product for you.   

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