When you’re working hard, you want equipment that won’t shy away from a challenge. The all-new Compact, Second-Generation Electric Walkie Pallet Jack and Tora-Max Walkie Stacker help transport materials quickly and efficiently. Learn more about these units and find out why they should be part of your fleet.  

Benefits of the Compact Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack Tora-max compact electric walkie pallet jack

Exchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery  

The Compact Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is a versatile, lightweight, cost-effective solution for quickly lifting pallets. The cartridge-style lithium-ion battery increases productivity and reduces downtime, reducing the need to recharge the battery frequently. With the option to charge the battery inside and outside of your truck, and an optional second battery pack, you can increase run time to stay on the move.  

Ergonomic Controls  

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack features a control handle, turtle button, pin code panel, and electric lift/lower buttons that are easy to reach for convenient operation.  

Enhanced Features on the Second-Generation 4,000 lb. load capacity Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Maintenance-Free Battery Tora-max electric walkie pallet jack

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack has a maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery and a built-in charger to reduce operating costs and minimize downtime.  

Durable Components  

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is a durable and efficient lift with heavy-duty chassis, polyurethane drive tires, and a steel battery cover for protection. It also includes exit rollers for easy entry and exit on and off pallets and is powered by an efficient AC drive motor.   

Benefits of the Tora-Max Walkie Stacker

Versatile Stacker  

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Stacker is versatile and maneuverable, with a load capacity of up to 2,600 lbs. It has pinwheel capability for tight spaces and adjustable baselegs for stability with various load sizes. Click here to watch a video of the Tora-Max Walkie Stacker in action. 

Operator Comfort  

The Tora-Max Walkie Stacker easily navigates tight spaces while providing operator comfort and control. It features lift and lower controls, ergonomic hand grips, and fingertip controls for efficient operation.  

24V Lithium-Ion Battery with Built-In Charger

The Tora-Max Walkie Stacker has a 24-volt lithium-ion battery and built-in charger for quick and dependable operation. It also includes an LCD Battery Discharge Indicator with Hour Meter that displays battery usage, fault codes, and working hours. 

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