Toyota forklift plant worker on lineEngineering and innovation excellence are Toyota trademarks when it comes to forklifts.  Each part, component, or attachment in a Toyota forklift is designed to help increase productivity and uptime.  Toyota Genuine Parts are designed with quality to extend the life of your forklift.  You can trust our Toyota Certified Technicians to get the most out of your forklift.

Long-Term Value of Toyota

All Toyota forklifts have the opportunity to be strong assets.  With proper care, they will last for many years.  If you plan on using your new forklift indefinitely, you may decide that purchasing is the best way to go, or you can decide to take advantage of Toyota Commercial Finance lease, for something more short-term.  Both long and short-term options are available to provide solutions to customers across.  Toyota Material Handling Solutions is one of the best in the business and a Toyota Certified Technician is only a call away.  We’re interested in your business and your needs, and through our world-renowned Toyota Production System and Delivery Experience Program, we hope to be a valuable partner for life.

Competitive Pricing

America's #1 Forklift ChoiceSales price is only one factor in the equation when comparing Toyota Forklifts.  With Toyota’s performance, quality, and engineering in mind, you can reject products that look like but are of lower quality.  When dealing with downtime, cheaper options are not the right choice.  Since 2002, Toyota forklifts have been top-selling worldwide.  We consistently rank the highest quality, reliability, durability, safety, and value rates.

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