The best way to maximize the value of your Toyota Forklift is by replacing its parts with the originals. Spare parts seem like a commodity you purchase without much thought, but innovative operations know that the parts make up the whole. With Toyota Genuine Parts, you may pay more upfront but also benefit from its quality, durability, reliability, and long-term value.

When you purchased your Toyota Forklift, you did so because you are aware of its quality, and you are aware of Toyota’s performance reputation. Toyota Genuine Parts have the same quality, care, material, and attention to detail as Toyota forklifts.

Toyota Genuine Parts are durable, and reliable, and you won’t have to worry about your forklift not working as hard as you do. They will help you increase your uptime and keep you running longer because Toyota Genuine Parts are made to work and last.

The Best Forklift Spare Parts are Guaranteed by our Industry-Leading Warranty

Toyota Material Handling Solutions will help with a replacement or repair of any Toyota part that is defective under normal use within a two-year or 4,000-hour time frame. A Toyota Genuine Part is covered for two years or 4,000 hours from the date of purchase or installation. Most importantly, Toyota Material Handling Solutions of Los Angeles will not charge for warranty repair or replacement work done during that time. If a Toyota Certified Technician performs work, and labor, there is no charge for warranty repair or replacements.

Until they can assure the highest quality work, trainers will not allow a technician to come work on your Toyota Forklift.  Our Toyota Certified Technicians undergo extensive training, including hours of classroom and field-supervised training. During this training process, technicians use Toyota Genuine Parts. These parts are the foundation of their education.  A Toyota Certified Technician will know every part of your forklift model, inside and out. By using the best spare parts for your forklift, you get the best possible work, helping you with your uptime and the overall success of your business.

Operations that Order the Best Forklift Spare Parts Increase Uptime

In the material handling industry, we strive for uptime. More work is getting done when we’re in uptime, and we’re sure you can benefit from the same.

Dependable, long-lasting parts will keep your fleet running.  Toyota Genuine Parts work correctly with other components in your Toyota Forklift. Using Toyota Genuine Parts as your replacements, you are upgrading your equipment and uptime.

Customers like it when their orders come in quickly. Uptime means there will be no delays. When customers demand things to be completed quickly, you risk gaining a reputation for delivering items slowly. By always having working equipment, you gain uptime that helps save your reputation. When you’re in uptime, your employees can do their job correctly because the tools they need work efficiently. You’re also not continually waiting on downed equipment, which gives you more time for necessities and improvements and a chance to be more innovative.


With our StarLift Program, Toyota Material Handling Solutions is always your one-stop shop, even when you have a mixed fleet. StarLift is a parts program that helps complement Toyota Genuine Parts. The program makes forks, oils/chemicals, batteries, tires, and other replacement parts for mixed-fleet customers.  The forks the StarLift program offers are the same ones that come standard on your Toyota Forklift.

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