The success of your business is tied to its visual appeal. Your customers expect a clean and visually enticing storefront, but traditional forklift tires often leave tread marks even when operators are careful. If you’re a retailer who relies on forklifts to stock shelves and maintains your storefront inventory, you know how difficult it can be to keep pristine floors when forklifts are involved.

So how do you balance your customers’ needs with the need for equipment to stock your shelves? Simple — solid non-marking tires allow your forklift operators to work without worrying about leaving black marks on your flooring.

What Are Solid Non-Marking Tires?

Non-marking tires on Toyota Core Electric and standard tires on a Toyota 3-Wheel Electric.

Solid non-marking tires are press-on forklift tires made with silica or chalk instead of the soot commonly mixed into tires to prevent wear. In addition to the silica, anti-oxidants are also added for UV protection, similar to regular forklift tires.

Non-marking tires are available for pneumatic or cushion tire forklifts. Unlike standard forklift tires, non-marking forklift tires come in white or grey instead of black.

How Much Do Non-Marking Forklift Tires Cost?

Prices for solid non-marking tires vary, but they are typically more expensive than standard forklift tires. Most retail owners find that the value-added offsets the cost when you factor in reducing cleaning expenses.

Do Non-Marking Forklift Tires Require Additional Maintenance?

Non-marking forklift tires don’t require additional maintenance, but they wear about 25% faster than standard tires. Operators should watch for cracks or chunking as part of their daily forklift inspection.

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