The relationship between forklift operators and their equipment has a significant impact on productivity levels. If your forklift drivers aren’t comfortable, health problems will follow. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for forklift operators to miss work for days or be out on disability for weeks taking care of neck and back injuries due to poor forklift ergonomics.

Kalmar knows that keeping your forklift drivers comfortable is essential for maximum productivity and uptime. Kalmar’s Forklifts – and its new EGO cabins – offer a range of standard and optional features to ensure driver comfort and efficiency in any environment. Here are some of the features that will save your company time and money and keep your forklift drivers healthy and productive.    

  • Ergonomic steering wheel. Kalmar’s Ergo steering wheel is not only adjustable with forward and reverse tilt, but it can also tilt from side-to-side. This feature helps to decrease the stress on a forklift operator’s body when driving forward and in reverse.
  • Comfort pedals. Kalmar’s flexible and safe pedal system features an adjustable pedal angle to decrease strain on the foot. 
  • Optimized visibility. The EGO cabin features an open design with curved front and rear windows to give drivers 
    excellent side-to-side and overheard visibility.
  • High-capacity wipers. The EGO cabin features inventive wipers, covering more than 90% of the curved front window, to give drivers exceptional visibility and safety in extreme conditions.
  • Ergonomic multi-seat. Forklift operators who drive long and demanding shifts deserve the best, and Kalmar delivers. Its ergonomic multi-seat features a fully integrated and rotatable seat designed for improved sitting posture and maximum comfort. It also eliminates the need for an operator to twist their back or look over their shoulder for ultimate ergonomics and safety.
  • Climate package. Kalmar’s flexible climate control system features a large air intake for comfort and easy access to maintain the filter for convenience.
  • Work console. Kalmar designed its work console and control system to be easy to adjust, use, and understand for quick operation in any condition.
  • Operating console. Kalmar’s operating console is designed for drivers who use the mini steering wheel or steering lever. It features an integrated switch knob and a steering wheel that can be folded forward without impeding visibility.  

Kalmar’s EGO cabin helps forklift operators to stay alert, productive, and comfortable while performing a physically demanding job. Give them the best so they can give you their best in return.  

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