Electric Utility Vehicles are considered vital equipment in many industries. Companies use them to move maintenance staff, carry large loads of equipment, and tow heavy materials to worksites. Getting the right electric utility vehicle with the right features is key to productivity.    

Columbia manufactures an expansive line of environmentally friendly, all-electric utility vehicles to ensure every customer gets exactly what they’re looking for. 

  • Need a small utility vehicle to get from one place to the next as quickly as possible? Check.  
  • Need a large vehicle to transport up to 14 people? Check. 
  • Need room to carry equipment up to 6,000 pounds? Check. 
  • Need the power to tow material up to 14,000 pounds? Check.  

 This blog post focuses on the features of Columbia’s Payloader, Chariot, and Expediter models and the industries that use them. 

The Payloader

The Columbia Payloader is the right choice if you’re looking for exceptional maneuverability and access to places that larger burden carriers can’t reach. It features adjustable bucket seats for two passengers, short or long beds, up to eight 6-volt batteries for increased run time, and charger plugs that fit standard outlets. 

This model is perfect for manufacturing, maintenance, airports, distribution centers, government facilities, colleges/universities, or wherever you need a versatile, powerful electric utility vehicle. 

The Chariot

The Columbia Chariot is great for customers who need to quickly and safely transport key personnel in both indoor and outdoor environments. It features a slim design to fit through standard doorways and will get you where you need to go up to three times faster than walking. 

This model is perfect for colleges/universities, warehouses, sporting complexes, government facilities, and hospitals with long distances to travel. 

The Expediter

The Columbia Expediter is perfect for companies focused on productivity. Its narrow design and short turning radius will navigate through tight spots to transport you where you need to go quickly and easily.   

This model is an excellent solution for warehouses, industrial complexes, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, campuses, and many other applications. 

These are three models in Columbia’s line of electric utility vehicles. Check our next blog post highlighting Columbia’s four other models: Stockchaser, MVP, Utilitruck, and Shuttle.  

Is your mind spinning with ideas and ways you could use an electric utility vehicle? We’re experts on all of Columbia’s electric utility vehicles. Contact us today for a free consultation!