Do you want to get more out of your warehouse space, save money and be more efficient? Maximizing your warehouse cube utilization is the key.  

In this part of our Ask the Expert Series, our Director of Sales and Marketing Anthony Spano answers frequently asked questions about maximizing cube utilization 

Anthony is our in-house expert on all things involving automation, software, and labor. His source of happiness comes from helping companies find the right mix of high-performance automation solutions to optimize productivity and maximize profits. Anthony and his team are eager to help you, too!  

Why is cube utilization essential?  

Vertical stacking and other methods of cube utilization vastly increase the available space in a warehouse to save money and increase efficiency.  

What is the formula for cube utilization?  

Warehouse cube utilization is the total available space within your warehouse to store products. The formula for cube utilization is space used compared to maximum space open. If you use every available space in your warehouse, you have 100 percent warehouse cube utilization.  

How do you figure out the maximum space available?  

Maximum space equals the available storage locations within a warehouse. It does not include aisleways and other areas reserved for forklifts, conveyors, and workers.  

Why is tracking cube utilization important?  

Tracking your cube utilization allows you to measure the performance of your warehouse over time and gives you essential metrics to plan for seasonal changes.  

What are the methods of cube utilization? 

There are three standard methods of cube utilization, including:  

  1. Stacking. Stacking is the most basic, simple method of cube utilization but is highly dependent on product strength and stability. Stacking is an excellent option if you are shipping heavy, durable products like canned food or packaged beverages.  
  2. Racking. Pallet racking lets you place pallets above ground level, allowing more pallet positions in the warehouse. It is an excellent option for shipping more delicate items.  
  3. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). ASRS systems use both vertical and horizontal space to maximize cube utilization. It is an excellent option for warehouses with perfectly balanced and packed loads.  

What type of pallets should I use to maximize cube utilization? 

Wood pallets are the most common pallets found in warehouses, but they are not the best option for vertically stored products. Here are three reasons why:  

  1. Wood has natural variations in weight and dimension and can shrink and swell, which can cause problems with fork placement and load distribution.  
  2. Wood pallets are held together with nails, which can come out, weaken the load, and cause a safety issue, especially from high above.  
  3. Wood is a natural material that breaks down over time. Cracked and broken boards can cause product and equipment damage.  

For these reasons, we recommend a high-quality plastic pallet as the best option to maximize cube utilization.  

Why are plastic pallets better than wood?  

There are many reasons plastic pallets are better than wood, including:  

  1. Plastic pallets are dimensionally stable and will bend rather than break.  
  2. Plastic pallets will not shed debris or nails or get caught on products or machinery.  
  3. Plastics are lighter than wood and easy to clean and sanitize.  

What can we do to improve warehouse space utilization?  

  1. Look up! All the space above you is prime real estate for cube utilization. Vertical racking is obvious, but what about a mezzanine? A warehouse mezzanine is an excellent solution for extra storage space if your building layout permits.  
  2. Check your picking slots and aisle width. To save space, match picking slot sizes with product size and design your warehouse aisles to accommodate the minimum width needed for your material handling equipment.  
  3. Check your shipping and receiving doors. Can you combine them into one to save space? Looking for new ways to utilize your current space better is often the fastest and cheapest way to increase your warehouse space utilization.  

Making the most out of your warehouse space is essential for your bottom line. Our team is on standby to help you get the most out of your warehouse space. Contact us for a free consultation today.  

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