As CARB’s 2035 zero-emissions mandate gets closer and oil prices continue to increase, California companies are moving away from traditional internal combustion engines toward electric equipment solutions.  Here are 12 reasons to break free from the high-cost propane.

1. Lower repair costs

Electric lift trucks are less expensive to maintain due to a number of reasons.  Compared to propane, electric engines have fewer components and are less complex. This means that they are less expensive to maintain and repair.

2. Environmentally friendly

Electric forklifts are zero-emissions which is better for operators and the environment. Electrics also eliminate employee exposure to contaminated air and reduce the need for costly warehouse ventilation systems.

3. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

Toyota’s cushion or pneumatic tire electrics are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.

4. Enhanced operator ergonomics

Electrics emit no noise except tires, lifts, or the sound of their backup alarm/warning beacons. Electric forklifts also generate less vibration which helps reduce operator fatigue.

5. No fuel storage

Electrics eliminate the need for storage of potentially hazardous fuel.

6. Lower operating cost

Maintenance and energy costs are about 67% less with electric forklifts. This includes an 80% reduction in fuel costs.

7. Electrics comply with CARB zero-emissions requirements

Electrics will get you ahead of CARBs plans for requiring 100% zero-emissions forklifts by 2035.

8. Safe in Sensitive applications

Electrics are safe for food and sterile/medical applications.

9. Toyota Make the Switch Sales Event makes electrics more affordable

Through December 31, trade in any LP or gas forklift and receive a rebate of up to $3,500 on a Toyota electric or diesel model.

10. TICF 3.84% Finance rate for electric infrastructure

Eligible customers can receive financing for the installation of battery charging stations through TICF.

11. Alternative income via Smart Rebates from SCT

Get cash payments of $150 to $300 per quarter by signing up for SmartRebatesTM with Smart Charging Technologies (SCT).

12. Maximize efficiency with Lithium-Ion Batteries

The next-generation lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) offer less maintenance, lower costs, and environmental sustainability.

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